Helping Children and Youth to Thrive in Complex Social Worlds

Children and youth need supportive environments to promote their health and social well-being. Relationships with parents and families, as well as with teachers, friends and peers, are critical in shaping social and emotional development. With information and communication technologies growing exponentially, the cyber world provides young people with unprecedented opportunities for communication with others – both in and out of their existing face-to-face social networks. These technologies stimulate learning and self-exploration; they are important vehicles for seeking help and advice. Along with the benefits, however, come risks such as bullying.


In this knowledge hub you can find research exploring the effectiveness of school based interventions and treatment with vulnerable children, including children with learning disabilities and those exposed to maltreatment.  You can discover how parents and teachers view and respond to bullying; learn about  research investigating the dynamics of bullying, including cyber bullying, among children and youth; consider some of the benefits and challenges that newly emerging forms of cyber counseling present for adolescent  and adult clients and for social work practitioners.

Early detection and intervention makes an enormous difference in enhancing children and youth’s well-being. Research that helps us understand the complex worlds that children and youth must negotiate is foundational to designing professional interventions that will work. In this knowledge hub, we are committed to making sure this happens.