LGBTQ Youth Community-based Research: Enagaging Strengths and Media

Social work research and practice in community-based settings with lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) youth is increasingly focused on recognizing strengths as influential determinants of adolescents and young adults physical, mental and social health and well-being.


Guided by a strong commitment to relationships with marginalized populations, strengths and community-based approaches allow social workers and community agencies to uncover and develop mechanisms to enhance positive coping in the face of health risks. Understanding the relationship between risks and the proactive resources that young people utilize to adapt constructively to social harms is the essential first step to designing effective strategies for informing positive health and mental health outcomes.


In This Knowledge Hub: you will find research, about strengths-based interventions that have led to minimization of substantial risks for LGBTQ youth in multiple contexts, and fostered capacity among youth for effective decision-making, crisis management and self-efficacy. Learn how research examining LGBTQ youth’s engagement with both online and offline media may be drawn upon to design programmes that foster youth’s own resilience.


Consider how research – rooted in community need and viewed through a strengths-based lens – is helping social work educators and practitioners identify the unique skills and competencies that social workers in health care utilize to address clients’ social determinants of health


Evidence-based research gets at the heart of the connection between health risks and resilience. Strengths and community-based research is the foundation for building fully participatory and comprehensive systems of care and advocacy.