Cross-Cultural Social Work: From Policy To Practice

In a globalised world, cross-cultural interactions have become part of our everyday experiences. They shape the different values, norms, and affiliations that make us who we are as individuals. And they influence how we understand others’ cultural identities and practices.


Cross-Cultural Social Work: From Policy To Practice is a site where you can find information on how to develop social work practice as a culturally dynamic, interactional process involving clients, service providers, and policy makers alike. You will find knowledge to understand and promote cross-cultural exchange in clinical practice and in the policy-practice interface.


The Knowledge hub offers detailed suggestions on how a model of cross-cultural clinical practice integration can be applied in psychotherapy practice and used for the training of clinicians.


We also provide evidence-based research on direct practice and social policies with marginalized groups such as racial/ethnic minorities and immigrants/migrants. Discover more about why individuals and families have limited access to and under-utilize social services. Find out how social policies either address or fail to consider cross-cultural dynamics as shaping the settlement and adaptation process.  Learn how you can make differences in supporting marginalized groups.


Social work needs research and practice models that make service delivery more effective and relevant for society’s culturally diverse populations.