Social Work Knowledge for a Globalized World

Globalisation is shaping the life-worlds of people living in urban centres throughout North America, Asia, and elsewhere. The unprecedented transnational movement of people, ideas, goods and services is often associated with positive expectancy, adaptation, and creativity. Receiving countries and regions, however, often meet such movement with ethnocentrism and xenophobia. Social Work needs a knowledge base from which to build creative and effective public policy and direct practice strategies to address the complexity of experiences in globalised contexts. New thinking and methods in research and knowledge production is at the heart of this process.


In this hub, you will encounter research that challenges you to consider uncertainty and the contingency of context, environment, and cultural/professional interaction as the conditioning principles of how theories and knowldege are reworked in human service and social work practice. Explore research resulting in two, theoretically charged, direct practice models relevant for a range of cross-cultural service contexts.  Learn how issues of sexuality, gender, age and culture – as a dynamic, historically and socially specific, transnational process – interact with one another and with environmental/systemic factors to inform how roles, identities, responsibilities, practices and well-being across the life span are understood and negotiated.


This is the goal of research found in Social Work Knowledge for a Globalised World: to illuminate how different forms of knowledge can be brought together to facilitate personal, inter-personal, social and material/systemic change.


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