Knowledge Pictures of Child Welfare

Child welfare practitioners, policy advisors, and administrators need a clear picture of current service delivery practices in order to improve the safety and support of children and their families.

This knowledge hub provides up to date, research findings based on clinical information gathered by child protection workers and supervisors working in Ontario and across Canada. Having readily accessible and relevant data based on actual child welfare practices allows frontline workers, managers and policy makers to effectively evaluate service and policy options and to determine next best steps.

This hub provides information on the questions that members from the child welfare community ask: What types of risks exist for certain families and children? How often do different types of maltreatments occur? How do child protection workers respond to suspected harm? What happens to children and families once maltreatment is suspected or assessed?

We are working to create a culture of knowledge exchange within the child welfare field. As information flows, effective practices are identified, more questions are generated, and families and children are better cared for and supported as a result.  This is the goal of Knowledge Pictures of Child Welfare: to produce better snapshots of the field of child welfare to help the field realize its goal of fostering the well being of all children and their families