Development and Testing of Community-Based Interventions for Sexual Minority, Multiethnic Urban Youth


This extensive multi-effort initiative is testing the preliminary effectiveness of field based case management, school and community based support groups and educational interventions currently being delivered to MSMY and community members. Further, this project is developing new and innovative interventions, specificially using coping skills training and cognitive behavioral therapy to further benefit the mental health of MSMY. Although the funding has since run out, this project was originally supported through a Faculty of Social Work Research Grant Competition S.S.H.R.C.  Institutional Grant Program (SIG).

Social Work Speaks Out: The educational experiences of gay lesbian bisexual and transgender social work students


In collaboration with other members of the Council on Social Work Education CSOGE Subcommittee, Dr. Craig spearheaded the creation and online data collection of an international survey to identify the needs and readiness of social sexual minority social work students to practice.

I Will Survive? The Influence of the Media on Experiences of Resiliency for Sexual Minority Youth.


The primary aim of this research initiative is to develop and mobilise knowledge about the impact of digital and traditional media messages on sexual minority youth resiliency. What effects do films, television programmes and other forms of traditional media have on youth’s sense of efficacy and identity, and in what ways do they use digital, new and social media to foster resiliency against negative stereotypes and images? This SSHRC Insight funded project uses qualitative multimedia research to develop and support programming that enhances sexual minority youth’s empowerment and self efficacy

Multiethnic Lesbian and Bisexual Youth’s Self Efficacy and Health Risks.


This research  identifies the social determinants of health and mental health of multi-ethnic lesbian and bisexual youth, with particular attention to the role that gender-based oppression combined with stigma plays in contributing to health risks and negatively affecting youth’s self efficacy. Results from this study focus on the health and mental health needs of this under-researched population and contribute to building the cultural competency of health and mental health providers. The project is funded by the Lesbian Health Fund of the Gay and Lesbian Medical Association.

Social Workers in Canadian Health Care: A National Study of Roles and Positionality within Interprofessional Teams.

This research initiative explores the professional roles of medical social workers working within institutional health care settings.  There are three interrelated goals: to identify the core skills and competencies that social workers contribute to medical teams; to explore social workers collaborative working patterns with other professionals; to map these values and contributions as a tool for professional advocacy; to identify key competency and skills areas that can be enhanced and supported through social work education (either as ongoing professional training or professional training in BSW and MSW programmes). This projected is funded through a Connaught New Researcher Award